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The Center for Architecture

May 28, 2013| Brand ID, Print

The Edgeless School: Design for Learning

How have today's educational environments shifted to accommodate our unprecedented access to information? How is today's school, in some sense "edgeless" as student's encounter seamless and fluid new technologies and media tools? How has architecture and design adapted to both influence and reflect these changes?

The Center for Architecture, home to the New York American Association of Architects (AIA) is a hub for those interested in design and the built environment. We worked with The Center, and with architecture firm Sage and Coombe, on "Edgeless School: Design for Learning," an exhibit highlighting innovations in the design of educational environments. The architecture and furniture displayed throughout the exhibit promoted transparency, collaboration, and use of technology, all at the cutting edge of education design.

The exhibit's design shifted boundaries and spilled over edges, challenging viewers to think differently about the space and recalling the sort of digital edgelessness we all experience.