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Aug 21, 2012| Infographics

Impact Fund Infographics

CARE is a major international organization dedicated to fighting poverty through a variety of innovative and effective measures.

We worked with CARE to develop a series of infographics that display their groundbreaking work through a variety of lenses. The infographics shed light on what factors differentiate CARE from other NGOs, how its rich history has led to its current programming, and focused on one specific program: the Impact Fund.

CARE evolved from its original purpose of delivering CARE packages to war torn Europe, to become one of the world's foremost humanitarian organizations. It is unique for its focus on empowering women and girls, its emphasis on evidence based programs, and its vast size and reach. One particular program, the Impact Fund, allows CARE to remain independent and principled, respond creatively to changing environments, ensure the longevity of projects, develop valuable partnerships, expand successful projects, and advocate for positive social change.