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BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I've always loved maps and charts and their potential for contextualizing data, whether its historical, statistical or recreational. As a kid I would spend hours looking at maps of human migration patterns and charts listing the populations of the world's largest cities. I could study them for hours and revel in all the relationships I could form from all the data. Zofran 250mg, The systematic complexity of them was mesmerizing. It was my way of traveling the world and exploring before I could actually travel in the real world. I'm now well aware that many designers share the same obsessive compulsive tendencies in the presence of maps, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. After all, layering complex information in an attractive, buy Zofran from mexico, easy to read information graphic is one of the trickiest puzzles for designers to solve. In this age of readily available data and rapidly advancing interactivity those old textbook atlases look like child's play compared to what something like Google Earth can do. Canada, mexico, india, New ways of layering data are being devised every day for a spectrum of different uses. Recently, I wrote a piece on the 1924 New York City aerial photography map courtesy of, a fascinating way to explore how the city has changed in some ways and hasn't changed much in others, order Zofran no prescription. BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Over the last few weeks I've encountered several other sites that feature maps and charts that are bursting with volumes of interesting information, all describing the behavior of our society in their own way. Any of these could easily consume hours of your day if you start digging, so I've provided a brief description and some observations for each so you can pick your poison. New York. Los Angeles, California, The one general observation I'll make about them is that there is an overarching tendency to pile on as much information as is readily available in several of these maps and charts, often making for overwhelming user experiences. While the pieces all serve very different purposes, I would maintain that transcending information graphics are those that manage to simplify complex granular data and stimulate big picture observations, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona.

Feel free to post links to other great examples in your comments.

Title: A Peek Into Netflix Queues (NY Times)

Description: Rental activity of Netflix's top movies is displayed on a zipcode heatmap in 12 US cities, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

What you can learn: Demographic distribution of cities becomes apparent through rental patterns. Zofran 100mg, Indie and critically acclaimed movies are watched by viewers in the wealthier zip codes, action movies are preferred in working class neighborhoods. A few movies, like Benjamin Button, Zofran 625mg,650mg, manage to captivate across a wide swath of demographic variables. Tyler Perry movies are watched predominantly in African American neighborhoods. BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, None of these statistics are surprising, but seeing them on a map helps us learn about how sharply Hollywood targets their audiences. Buy Zofran without a prescription, Observations: Beautifully done. Easy to use. Information is focused enough to not overwhelm. Check out this "making of" piece, order Zofran online overnight delivery no prescription. Pretty interesting stuff, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Title: Gapminder

Description: Gapminder is an online statistics "museum" founded in Stockholm in 2005. The non-profit's goal is to promote sustainable global development and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals through understanding of social, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, economic and environmental data at local, national and global levels.

What you can learn: The site, which is essentially an atlas, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, contains timelines, world maps and data charts in over a dozen topics and a few dozen sub topics. New York. Los Angeles, California, Topics include births and deaths, disasters, economy, education, Zofran in cats, dogs, children, energy, environment, Where can i buy Zofran online, geography and infrastructure, health, employment, population, order Zofran from mexican pharmacy, poverty, technology, Kjøpe Zofran online, bestill Zofran online, trade, aid and investment. BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, You can learn all kinds of interesting factoids like the fact that, as of 2004, Chad is the country with the lowest percentage of minimally adequate sanitation facilities in the world, reaching only 24% of the population; or that, as of 2004, Suriname had 13% more girls than boys attending primary and secondary education, making it the highest female to male ratio in the world.

Observations: There is a bottomless amount of information on the site, which can keep you digging around for hours, købe Zofran online, αγοράζουν online Zofran. As a resource, it's incredible. Zofran 5mg, However, the site's design doesn't do a very good job of encouraging the user to interact. It's not very aesthetically pleasing, there is too much information crammed into too little space and the map's interface feels like an airplane dashboard, Zofran 150mg, the combination of which results in an overwhelming experience. The topics, the primary way of navigating the information, are awkwardly hidden in a vertical drop-down menu on the left axis of the charts, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. The maps could be much cleaner. Buy Zofran no prescription,
Title: Food Environment Atlas

Description: The atlas is part of the US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service site. The premise is that food environment factors—such as store/restaurant proximity, food prices, food and nutrition assistance programs, Zofran price, and community characteristics—interact to influence food choices and diet quality. The point is to provide a research tool that helps visualize the determinants of food choices, Buy cheap Zofran no rx, community access to food and diet quality. BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Over a dozen categories, each with several sub categories can be visualized on a heat map of the United States.

What you can learn: With the exception of California, Florida, Arizona, australia, uk, us, usa, Vermont and New Hampshire, there is a serious lack of farm to school programs in this country. Köpa Zofran online, Osta Zofran online, Jotta Zofran verkossa, The south loves their soda. Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee have large swaths that average over 80 gallons per person each year. That's a lot of pop, buy Zofran online no prescription. The Rocky Mountain states love their sweet snacks, eating over 125 lbs per capita, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Yikes.

Observations: Similar to the Gapminder map above, Purchase Zofran online, this is another case of plentiful, rich information limited by design. The site, as most government sites not yet touched by Obama magic, Zofran 250mg, is not very attractive. The layout of the map is simple enough, Zofran coupon, with categories and subcategories on the left, but the big problem here is the map itself. BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Its very slow to respond and you can't drag it around to quickly glimpse at information close up. The user has to use the arrows in the map controls, one click at a time to pan, Zofran over the counter, which taxes the patience after a few movements. I want to know more about my food, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, but this is too painful to use.

Title: Bundle

Description: Bundle, which is in beta, helps you get smarter about money by showing you how people in your area spend their paychecks, canada, mexico, india. You can break information down by age group, household size and income range. The Spend Type feature allows you to take a short lifestyle quiz, the results of which identify you as a High Roller, Proud Provider or Swank Senior among others, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase Zofran online no prescription, Bundle shows you how much your group spends per month in travel & leisure, shopping, house & home, food & drink and health & family using a simple and attractive color-coded visualization, Zofran 125mg. You can then drill down into each category for more granular detail, including the top locations in your area where money in each category was spent. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, Bundle also allows you to compare spending habits between 2 cities, which is pretty handy if you're thinking about moving. All data comes from the U.S. BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, government, from anonymous and aggregated spending transactions from Citi, and from third party data providers.

What you can learn: Lincoln, Nebraska is a lot cheaper to live in than Manhattan. Gramercy Tavern is very popular. Whole Foods is expensive. New Yorkers go out a lot.

Observations: The interface is very attractive and the possibilities look very interesting here, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. It does feel like it's in beginning stages, but it's engaging and nicely designed. Not sure how useful it is beyond initial curiosity, but I would use it if I were considering moving somewhere else. Check out the how-to video.

CFA Institute

CFA Institute

CFA Institute

Title: CFA Institute New Charterholder Recognition

Description: The CFA Program is widely regarded as the most arduous qualification in the investment profession. BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, To earn the gold standard CFA designation, candidates must pass all three levels of exams. In the 2009 over 5,000 in 90 countries became charterholders. The CFA Institute uses an interactive experience to congratulate them. Charterholders are displayed in an organic, constantly moving cloud, allowing users to pick any name they choose to see. There are filtering options for year, city, country, and CFA society, as well as a name search field. The site generates a dynamic congratulatory certificate for each charterholder on-demand, BUY Zofran ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. The map portion of the site displays historical charterholder data from as far back as 1989, allowing users to view a bar graph history of charterholders per country or US state.

What you can learn: There are a whole lot of investment professionals in New York, London and Hong Kong. Not so many in Greenland.

Observations: Full disclosure – We designed this one at Hyperakt, so I'll let you all make the observations.

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