10 million voices for change

Change.org is a startup that revolutionized crowdsourcing to make the world a better place. An open platform, Change.org makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to start an online petition and generate support from people all over the world. Petition signers include presidents, senators, movie stars and spiritual leaders. In the last month alone, two million new members joined, more than 15,000 people started campaigns on the site and millions took action, making Change.org the world’s fastest growing social action platform.

In 2012, Change.org passed an incredible milestone when its 10 millionth member signed a petition. As part of the celebration, the organization commissioned Hyperakt to create an communication piece that highlights a few of its successful campaigns around the world. We created an infographic with a world map marking Change.org’s major achievements, from freeing an innocent man from a Spanish prison, to American children petitioning to include Dr. Seuss' environmental message in the Hollywood movie adaptation of The Lorax.