Women's leadership on the rise

The White House Project (TWHP) was a non-profit that endeavored to boost the representation of women in positions of power in all sectors, up to and including the presidency. TWHP worked to promote leadership with education and training programs for women, and advocated around the portrayal of women in the media. One of the project’s better-known achievements was its involvement in Mattel’s decision to release a President Barbie doll to inspire girls to unfetter their dreams.

TWHP provided leadership training around the country for women seeking roles of political leadership at every level of government. As part of our long-running collaboration with the organization, TWHP asked Hyperakt to create their 2010 Annual Report.

But this isn’t just a financial document. It’s a fold-out data visualization poster that vividly illustrates the impact the organization had on the political landscape. Hyperakt designed the innovative report as a dynamic and physically interactive piece of marketing. The document includes typical non-profit report contents like the names of donors and board members. It also features original infographics and interpretive cartography that tells the story of women in American politics.