Creating a vision for women's leadership in business

Though they make up half the American workforce, women hold only 16.6% of the seats on Fortune 500 boards. Besides indicating an unfair disparity in earnings and career prospects, the lack of female voices at the top of the business world does measurable damage to the bottom line and the economy as a whole.

On the Board is a groundbreaking new initiative of The International Women’s Forum (IWF) and The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) that aims to change these numbers. On the Board selects 15 annual Fellows, female business leaders around the world, and provides them with mentoring, networking and advancement opportunities to help them get on the boards of major corporations.

Partnering up with George Washington University School of Business, we created a motion graphic that makes the case for On the Board. The video was premiered at the program’s launch event and used to rally the inaugural group of Fellows. Approachable illustrations and a strong female voice lead viewers through a powerful, fact-driven, narrative with a clear message: it’s time to empower women to take their share of corporate governance.