Learn the essentials of American politics

Many Americans are confused by complex policy debates and disillusioned with irresponsible politicking. But now more than ever, citizens need to be informed and involved in the political process so that vital decisions taken on their behalf do not ignore their needs. And the only way to ensure broader participation is through education, so that students understand the purpose of sometimes unattractive political conflict and chose to engage in public discourse.

W. W. Norton is the oldest and largest employee-owned publishing house, and publishes books across genres of fiction, nonfiction, and textbooks. For their recently published high school civics textbook, American Politics Today, Norton wanted clear visual illustrations of the political process, from the electoral college to the principles of polling, to accompany the text by two renowned political scientists.

We developed a series of infographics in collaboration with the book’s authors to introduce students to various systems, hierarchies and balances in US governance. Each graphic is designed as a flowchart to present information in as simple and accessible a way as possible. We interpreted complex legal and social concepts with custom icons, intuitive diagrams and cheerful colors. Our ambition was to make civics inviting and engaging, and inspire a new generation to invest their hopes in America.