Imagining the future of our capital

The Five-Year Economic Development Strategy for the District of Columbia, spearheaded by George Washington University School of Business, is a collaboration between academia, the private sector and nonprofits to develop a robust growth strategy for the District and its residents.

The Strategy helps ensure Washington’s economic vibrancy by providing recommendations to help build a more dynamic business sector. It proposes policies for seven key sectors: Education & Healthcare, Real Estate & Construction, Federal Government & Contractors, Retail, Hospitality, Technology and Professional Services. The cross-disciplinary study identifies strategies to achieve a more vibrant DC, like encouraging attendees at District conventions to spend time in the city, actively marketing the District nationally as a compelling place to do business, fostering greater engagement between the tech community and local universities, and attracting new tourists from emerging market countries.

We were proud to help GWSB in its work to promote the continued renaissance of our nation’s capital. We designed the cover for both pieces, and the folder that encloses them. We also designed unique icons for each of the seven sectors to add clarity and illustrative elements throughout both documents.