Building a brighter future for every girl

Girl Scouts USA is the largest organization in America serving the needs of girls, and ranks among the nation’s most respected non-profit brands. In fact, the majority of female business owners and female members of Congress were Girl Scouts in their youth. With 2.3 million active Girl Scouts and 50 million living alumnae, the organization’s impact is massive.

On its centennial celebration in 2012, the Girl Scouts began the Campaign for Girls, a $1 billion fundraising goal to give every girl of this generation skills and opportunities to excel and lead.

We partnered with the Girl Scouts to explain their rich history and illustrate their ongoing impact in a case statement for the Campaign. In a print publication, we leveraged classic visual motifs closely associated with the organization, and tiled and repurposed them in unexpected ways. A combination of joyful photography and key facts and statistics about the organization’s past successes inspire giving.