Honoring women's leadership in popular culture

The White House Project is a non-profit that endeavored to boost the representation of women in positions of power in all sectors, up to and including the presidency. The organization worked to promote leadership with education and training programs for women, and advocacy around the portrayal of women in the media. One of the project’s better-known achievements was its involvement in Mattel’s decision to release a President Barbie doll to inspire girls to dream big.

The White House Project’s EPIC Awards are a celebration of women’s leadership in the media and in popular culture. The April 7, 2010 event took place at the IAC Building in New York City. Among those in attendance were Meryl Streep, Jill Scott, Geena Davis, and Megan Mullally. Several awards were presented to women making a positive impact through art and activism, including the Global Trailblazer Award honoring Kiran Bedi, Indian social activist and Asia Nobel Prize winner.

Hyperakt worked with the White House Project to design all materials for the event, including invitations, place cards, wall graphics, dinner menus, and keynote presentations. We a used a crisp, confident palate on variegated geometric patterns of triangles to leverage the brand’s power while putting attendees at ease. Our work on the event received positive attention across the web, and earned the client was so pleased that they asked us to work with them to brand materials for the following year’s event.