Energy-efficient innovations to reduce climate change

Founded in 2009, the ClimateWorks Foundation is an international network that works to increase public understanding of climate change and to reduce carbon emissions. Their goal is to limit annual global greenhouse gas emissions to 44 billion metric tons by the year 2020 and 35 billion metric tons by the year 2030.

The ClimateWorks Network Knowledge Series is a collaborative suite of publications by ClimateWorks, the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, The China Sustainable Energy Program, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a number of other partner organizations and government agencies. The series presents current analysis of policy and technology issues related to clean energy, together with practical recommendations and best practices for cutting carbon emissions worldwide.

Hyperakt designed two publications in the series, outlining a simple solution to vastly reduce energy inefficiencies in India, and highlighting the challenges and opportunities for a clean energy economy in China.