Planning cities for people

China is currently experiencing the fastest urban population growth in world history. Together with the rapid acceleration of the larger Chinese economy and its market power, this unprecedented concentration of humanity presents grave dangers. But China’s great cities also offer unique opportunities for smart planning that might forestall negative ecological impacts and boost quality of life for millions.

Founded in 2009, the ClimateWorks Foundation is an international network that works to increase public understanding of climate change and to reduce carbon emissions. Hyperakt has worked with the foundation on a variety of print publications, using a consistent visual vocabulary to help translate complex data into clear policy recommendations.

Hyperakt designed the print piece Planning Cities for People, which offers thoughtful suggestions to the Chinese government for the sustainable development of China’s megacities going forward. We used the distinctive line drawing style we developed for ClimateWorks’ annual reports, and inlcuded optimistic photography and clear graphs and charts to present 8 original principles of urban planning. We created matching editions of the piece in English and Chinese.